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Our solutions

In cooperation with our international partners we have established a vast global network. Within this network we are constantly looking to expand and provide new opportunities. We aim to continuously improve and expand our already operational solutions, to ensure that the needs of our current clients are met, and they have access to the latest technology.

Main focus

Electronic Cargo
Tracking Note

Ready to implement platform

Customizable to local needs

Integrated Artificial intelligence

Transparent reporting and

data analytics

Data Solutions

Data migration

Focus on data integrity

Connection to external platforms

Data analytics

Data anomaly tracking

Project Management

International network

Business logics

Strategic advice

Added focus

Automatization of IT-processes

Technologies such as AI and data science can be used to upgrade your data integrity.

Third party integrations

Integrating and comparing data from different sources can increase the insight in data flows and systems.

Business strategy and partnerships

Using our knowledge, we guide you in what is needed to maximize your potential added value in order to meet your digital goals.

Single Window / Port systems

Combining our maritime and digital knowledge we can be your partner in building or improving your current Single Window or Port system.

Customs Solutions

Thanks to our broad experience with port systems and data streams we can provide various services.

Maritime Solutions
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