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Data solutions

Using our broad knowledge of both the maritime industry and governmental organisations we provide custom made solutions for data collection, handling and reporting.

Within the logistics industry a large amount of valuable data is gathered regarding both the import and export of goods. Making this data presentable and easily digestible can be a tough challenge. Due to our vast experience with the development of electronic cargo tracking platforms and data that is collected through the application, we have gathered a broad knowledge on how logistics data is handled and how it can be optimised for your needs. 


We know that the security and integrity of this data is of the highest importance and ensure it is treated as such within our solutions. Gaining useful insights from this data is the main target. Let our expertise and experience assist you with these challenges.

Data solutions


With the use of Power BI, further insights can be gained from your data. This tool can be directly connected to big data or databases to create and export reports.
After we provide the required training, your local team will be ready to create, analyse and export reports that meet the needs of your organisation. Using our knowledge, we assist you in the creation of Power BI files that question your data in the right way in order to pull the figures and statistics that meet your business and reporting needs.

Data solutions


When making evidence-based decisions, the integrity of the data on which you base your decisions on is crucial. BIM e-Solutions can help you with questioning and testing your data in the right way to ensure it is reliable and of high quality.
These solutions can be used within our offered platforms but can also be connected to the existing platforms of our clients as well. This allows additional verification of the data within your platform.

Smart models

Connectivity and accessibility

As a company we want to give our clients the opportunity to be as flexible as possible with the ability to connect to different platforms. Transparency is a top priority, and we strive to give our clients the possibility to interconnect their data in multiple ways as well as enabling the integration of ECTN data into other platforms. 

Through the interconnection of our solutions with external parties’ platforms we are able to increase the data’s integrity and performance by allowing the comparison with data that has been collected at various points of the logistic chain which enables deeper insight into the full picture of imported and exported goods. An additional independent single window solution can also be provided in order to visualise these results.. Data is key, the entire platform does not need to interconnect but making select connections based on certain data sets allows services to work faster and in a paperless way, providing a future-forward way of working.

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