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Electronic Cargo Tracking Note

The Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN), waiver or loading certificate is an online government mandated certificate used to record and report goods before they reach the port of destination. It contains all the information for a shipment or cargo.

BIM e-Solutions offers a high-end platform which has been successfully implemented in multiple countries and is ready to implement for any new client within a short period of time. Using the platform, forwarders all over the world can exchange information with the respective authorities regarding their shipments. Every registered user can securely log in and follow the status of their goods declaration in full transparency with the local authorities.

Using our portal, new users can register and will automatically be allocated to their regional agent who is part of our international network. This agent will review and approve the forwarders request, as well as guiding them through the ECTN process to ensure swift handling of their shipments.

All transactions and documentation pertaining to the ECTN are recorded in a singular platform to ensure full transparency.


Our platform is tailored to the specific needs of each client, for example, the inclusion of  grouped ECTN: a grouped declaration for Vehicles (RoRo shipments); processes, log-in profiles with specific permissions, methods of payment, use of global agent network... can all be adjusted to the needs of the local authorities. The platform can be up and running in a short period of time. BIM e-Solutions provides full assistance with all aspect of the launch of the platform, providing local training and assistance with local setup. Once the platform is up and running custom reporting and exports are available.

More information on our successful Electronic Cargo Tracking Note projects can be found on our success stories page.

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